Welcome to the Seawall Emporium

Step through the door of the Seawall Emporium and you are transported to a time when life was much simpler and more pleasant. There are no masks, quarantines or lockdowns and things move at a slower pace.  Inside, you will find four amazing, unique shops owned by craftspeople who are driven by pride, not profit, painstaking attention to detail and finishing and the creation of quality, not quantity. Each is on their own voyage of creative exploration and you are invited to tag along.
To the right are the stores owned by Lisa and Vickie.Lisa’s shop is called Seawall Fibres. Inside you will find the most amazing array of high quality hand dyed yarn designed for those for whom knitting is not simply a hobby but rather a passion. She also collaborates with Vickie to create amazing patterns and kits and there are unique hand made accessories as well. If you are a serious knitter, you may never leave!  
Next is Vickie’s shop- Seawall Art. Vickie has mastered many forms of art and has been formally recognized in the areas of mixed media art and polymer clay- both for her beautiful work and her teaching ability. But Vickie is always on a voyage of discovery. One day it may be making ink from acorns, the next making pigment from the rock dust Peter produces or maybe fashioning brushes and mark making tools from found items. She is also a serious collector of ephemera and those who know her say she has “one of everything”. You will never know what treasures you may find inside.
To the left, you come to Mitchell Brook, a store devoted to the passions of its owner, Sandra. Sandra works with premium leather to produce treasured keepsakes for travellers - items that she wanted or needed when she travels and she puts her unique artistic stamp on everything. She also collaborates with Peter to marry leather with beautiful stones, creating truly unique treasures that are cherished by their owners.
Finally, you arrive at The Lap of Lapidary. Lapidary, or working with stone, is one of the very oldest forms of art. Peter is a geologist who has turned his knowledge into a passion for the creation of unique, interesting jewellery and guitar picks using beautiful agate, jasper, amethyst and carnelian sourced both locally and around the world and often combined with metal such as silver and copper as well as leather. The transformation of a rough stone into a beautiful, polished piece is an amazing process and his work is cherished by people all over the world.  
So grab a cup of tea or coffee or whatever and go back in time and take your own voyage of discovery. You will not be disappointed and we guarantee you will come back to see the new treasures that you would be proud to own or give which are being added daily.  To enter a shop simply click on the name of the shop above and use the drop down menu to choose where you would like to go.

Black Friday 2021 Sale

Starting Thursday November 25th 2021 the entire shop is on sale! Shop to your hearts content, everything is marked 25% off! And as an extra bonus, if you purchase from more than one shop (Seawall Fibres, Seawall Art, Lap of Lapidary and Mitchell Brook) you will receive an extra special surprise with your order! The Black Friday week sale lasts for one whole week!