Lap of Lapidary

The Seawall on Digby Neck Nova Scotia is an amazing place. When I moved here and started finding beautiful agate, jasper, amethyst and carnelian it rekindled my love of lapidary and I have been able to assemble the equipment needed to maximize the beauty of this natural treasure. The Lap of Lapidary is probably the best equipped rock lab in the Maritimes and I just love spending time there. Unlike most, I find perfect gems boring. I like patterning, colour shifts and impurities and let the rock determine the outcome. Working along side Vickie, I have learned to love the process and come to realize that care and attention to detail are what will set your work apart. Also, while some find my pieces beautiful, my goal is to create interesting, unique pieces and to that end, love combining my stones with leather and metal. I love showing people my shop so if you are ever coming here, let me know. If you have any questions related to lapidary or my work you can ask via my blog and you can also follow me on Instagram and Facebook.