Mitchell Brook

The Skateboarder

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This guy's a bit of a cheeky monkey. I met him the other day while walking to the park on The Other Side. I had heard that the pampoloompus buds had finally opened and the scent was incredible. It's said that by inhaling their heavy aroma, one's wrinkles smooth out and you can lose up to 5 pounds! Well, "Sign me up!" I declared as I marched down the winding pathways that led to Fellatifus Park. This determination is probably why I didn't see Seymour as he rocketed towards me on his skateboard. In fact, it wasn't till he ran over my foot and went flying into a fortuitous pillowfluff bush, that was at the side of the path, that I even noticed he was there.

"Hey lady, watch where you're putting your feet!" he smirked as he collected his board and brushed off his toque. "Where're you headed anyway?" he asked me. I told him I was heading off to smell the ripe pampoloompus flowers, at which point he stared at my face with his little smirk and declared, "You look like you could use it!"

Little imp!

Basically good natured and fun-loving at heart, Seymour sits approximately 2.5" tall (he's about 3.25" long from the tips of his tennies to the top of his toque). Entirely hand made and completely one-of-a-kind, Seymour is crafted out of polymer clay with movable arms and legs.

He said he wouldn't go anywhere without his precious skateboard. so we'll be sending that along too.

Perhaps with the proper environment and influence Seymour can become a fine, upstanding young man... thought, to be honest, I think I like him better the way he is - Cheeky Monkey. Free shipping. No tax. No return

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