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Granite Ice - Dark Green Speckles in White

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The expression, "on the rocks", originated in Scotland where stones from ice cold streams were used to cool down drinks. In keeping with the tradition, our cubes are fashioned from premium countertop granite, costing over $100 per square foot..

These granite cubes are roughly 7/8" on each side and are great for cooling down  drinks. Ordinarily, 2 rocks are used per drink and they will chill a room temperature beverage by 5 degrees Fahrenheit, and have the advantage over ice cubes by not diluting the drink and keeping it cooler longer. Perfect for white wine on the patio!

Simply freeze them, put a couple in your glass, and, after use, rinse them, dry them and put them back in the freezer. 

Please note: These are sold in sets of 8 

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