How Rock Guitar Picks Are Made

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We've recently added an amazing selection of guitar picks made from rock in our on-site lab at "The Mother Ship" on Digby Neck in Nova Scotia. How are they made? The short answer would be, according to Peter the maker, "with great difficulty!"

We start by cutting slabs of beautiful agate, jasper and amethyst to a thickness of about 6 mm.. Then, we use a template to define pick shapes in the most interesting areas of the slab.

Then we have to use specialized diamond saws and grinding wheels to shape the pick and grind it thin enough so it can be used. This particular slab has to be reduced by about 70%.

If there is even the slightest flaw in the rock, it will probably break but even flawless rock requires careful grinding and polishing. The rock lab is a very interesting place to see.

Here's half of it so if you ever get the chance to visit us on Digby Neck, take a tour! If you want to learn more check out our local blog at

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